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Kiev AgriHort 2010: the season is open

Autor: Ivanna Grinyuk

For Ukrainian agricultural producers February is not just the last month of winter, preceding the start of the new agrarian season, but a month full of agricultural exhibitions. This year's agricultural exhibition season opened with Kiev AgriHort, which is now in its thirteenth year.

The exhibition, organised by Premier Expo, included about 130 exhibitors from 16 countries and was visited by about 10,000 agrarian sector professionals. The exhibition featured both international and Ukrainian companies.

The exhibition was attended by several companies that supply Ukrainian agricultural producers with field crop seeds (Agrospetsproject and Agrobonus), equipment for grain storage (Preco, Awila, Symaga SA), separators for cleaning and sorting grain (Schmidt Seeger GmbH and Aeromeh SPC) and equipment for home gardening.

One of the companies that exhibited equipment for industrial agriculture was Kobzarenko Plant, a Ukrainian manufacturer of tractor trailers. A new product at the exhibition was the TC-3 trailer, which is used for weighing and transporting pigs and young cattle to a vehicle without a ramp. According to Anatoly Kobzarenko, CEO, the trailer is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders, which provide lift and lower the platform to the desired height.

Livestock exhibits

Most of the exhibits were related to the livestock sector. Poultry farming equipment was presented by Tekhna and Hellmann Poultry, which supply chicken cages, and VAL-Co, whose products include an extra wide feeder for broilers.

Pig farmers were drawn to the stand of Agroclimat Ukraine, which featured the Danish companies Ikadan System A/S, Porc-Ex Breeding A/S and Skov A/S. Ikadan System A/S introduced specialists to the Multiflex Panel System for the farrowing, rearing and feeding of pigs; Porc-Ex Breeding A/S presented DanBred genetics; and Skov A/S exhibited ventilation units and cooling systems. Agroclimat Ukraine demonstrated equipment for keeping animals and manure removal systems.

Several international exhibitors introduced specialists to foreign pig breeds. English breeds (Genepacker and Geneconverter) were presented by JSR, Irish by Hermitage Exports Ltd and Danish by Porc-Ex Breeding A/S. Industry professionals were able to learn about new, highly productive breeds, and about new methods of breeding animals, which contribute to a significant increase in their productivity. 

What was interesting?

Perhaps the most interesting thing amongst the exhibitors was the stand of Big Dutchman, which was located in the centre of the exhibition hall. Exhibitors and visitors were able to see equipment for rearing and feeding pigs and poultry.

VAM Ukraine exhibited the Sepcom manure separator, which is designed to separate solids from liquids. It may be the solution to the problem of utilising manure on farms. According to the manager of the company, Alexander Andriyash, the machine separates the dry portion of the manure from the damp, resulting in a dry fraction that can be used as a fertiliser, bedding, food and fuel.

Agricultural professionals were able to see the latest products and services at Kiev AgriHort. It is hoped that Ukrainian farmers will adopt these new technologies and equipment, thereby developing Ukraine's agricultural market.

Source: Proposition Magazine

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