Events program


  February 2, 2010

Conference Hall № 1



Moderator — Olga Sydorenko , Director of the Publishing House “Agrar Medien Ukraine” / Lydia Kudryavtseva , chief editor of the Publishing House “Agroexpert”

  • 12.00-12.30 Registration of participants
  • 12.30-12.40 Welcome address . Olga Sydorenko , Director of the Publishing House “Agrar Medien Ukraine” / Lydia Kudryavtseva , chief editor of the Publishing House “Agroexpert”
  • 12.40-13.00 “Ukrainian agro sector back on the investor radar screen” . Nykolay Korol , Director of the Investment Banking Division, Dragon Capital
  • 13.00-13.20 “Financing agrarian businesses” . Aleksey Volchkov , Member of the Corporate Business Board, Index Bank
  • 13.20-13.35 “The problems of investing in Ukrainian agriculture amidst the intensification of global economic risks” . Aleksey Oleynikov , Director of Strategic Development, Ineko Investment Group
  • 13.35-13.50 “What do agrarian companies have in common with a private pension fund?” Vitalij Melnychuk , Vice-president of PrAT КІNТО
  • 13.50-14.05 “Mechanisms for attracting investment in large agricultural enterprises” . Yuriyi Yurchenko , Director of Corporate Finances, PrAT КІNТО
  • 14.05-14.20 “New biological preparations for Ukrainian organic farming” . Mikhail Vasilenko , Institute of Agroecology of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences
  • 14.20-14.35 “Applying pelleting to agricultural biomass, livestock and poultry farming wastes to produce biofuel in CIS countries” . Alexei Stoyanovsky , Marketing Director Alpha-Star Ltd “International bioenergy” (Ukrainian office)
  • 14.35-14.55 Q&A
  • 14.55-15.25 Break
  • 15.25-15.45 “Innovative and investment policy in European Union, with a special focus on the collaboration with Ukraine” . Thierry de l'Escaille , Secretary General of European Landowners' Organisation
  • 15.45-16.00 “National achievement in the methods of grain and feeding storing. Economy, rationality and efficiency of the approach” . Nykolay Smolyn , Director of Ltd. “Planeta Plastik”
  • 16.00-16.15 “Steel constructions in agriculture” . Viktor Machinskiy , Destination Director of “BMZ.Spider-В” in Ukraine, “RuukkiUkraine”
  • 16:15-16:25 “Innovative technologies in the construction of multi-tiered greenhouses. Global solutions for agro-industrial and related disciplines in Ukraine and the world” . Anatoly Murachev , Project Director, Superklimatron
  • 16.25-16.45 “New sorts of raspberry and blackberry: the scientific possibilities of their commercial cultivation in Ukraine” . Yury Andrusik , Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Horticulture Department, National University of Bioresources and Nature Management of Ukraine (raspberry); Oleg Serdyuk , Member of the Academician O.V. Fomin Botanical Gardens, National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv (blackberry)
    16.45-17.05 Q&A
February 3, 2010

Conference Hall № 1

  • 14:00-15:00 Seminar of DP AUTOMOTORS. Operation, maintenance and service of DEUTZ engines . Speaker: Grigoriy Latyshev

* Please note that the programme is subject to change

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